About us

More about the mission of Content Design Hub founders Liz Leigh and Nikki Fiedler, who are sitting on a chair

Our mission

Content Design Hub is a marketplace where you can access training, strategy frameworks, digital content services and a professional community.  

We’ll give you the skills to learn, grow and invest in content design. In return, you’ll create inclusive digital worlds that speak the language of your users. 

Meet the team

About Content Design Hub founder Nikki Fiedler and her headshot


Capitalising on 12 years of industry knowledge, Nikki optimises the user experience in the digital content space. 

By educating organisations and individuals on the value of content design, she helps create more inclusive interactions on the web. 

About Content Design Hub founder Liz Leigh and her headshot


With over 11 years of content experience, Liz is helping companies grow by building content design capabilities within teams.  

She advocates for all things content and enjoys pushing the boundaries to give content design a seat at the design leadership table. 

Our experience

We have over 23 years of experience leading teams, building content design capability and guiding business strategy. We’ve worked with all types of companies, including startups, government, corporates, universities and small businesses. 

Over the years, we’ve seen the practice of content design adapt and evolve. We know that there’s no cookie-cutter approach. We want to lend our experience to design the strategy and offer the training you need.

Our core values

About Content Design Hub's core value dare to be different with decorative image

Dare to be different

Unique perspectives solve problems and change the status quo.

About Content Design Hub's core value people first with decorative image

People first

We’re human first, so we design for everyone.

Design for good

We believe design has the power to change the world for the better.

A brief overview of content design

Content design is a design discipline, sitting alongside product design, service design, conversational design, UX design and many others. Each design discipline is a specialisation that takes a unique approach to creating inclusive products and services. 

Content is fundamental to the overall design of a product or service. A content designer looks at how words, images and design components should be arranged and how they should function to meet the needs of users. 

What content designers do

Mostly work within digital environments on products like apps, websites, and online tools and platforms.

Use design thinking methodology to discover user problems.

Conduct user research to understand how people comprehend, use and access information.

Use research to design content experiences that serve customer needs.

Define how content should function to meet the needs of the user.

Write content in plain English to help people complete a task or solve a problem

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